About {In Pictures}

OK, well, after blogging regularly for many years, I sort of lost my groove.  I miss it, but I can’t seem to get it back.  My blogging has gone from daily to almost never.

In general, I consider myself to be fairly antisocial.  I’m not mean or anything, I just prefer to keep my life and my circle of friends small and simple.  I don’t go out often, and I’d rather work than sit and watch TV any day.  However, in my years of blogging, I met many wonderful people–people that I truly consider to be my friends, even though most of them I’ve never met in “real life”.

These friends, it appears, miss me and my blog.  They say so in comments on my sporadic posts, in e-mails and texts and the occasional phone call.  They say that they miss me, but mostly they miss my photographs.  It appears I have some measure of talent in taking photographs that genuinely appeal to people.

I am no professional.  If you speak to a professional or look at the work of professional photographers, you’ll see that I’m doing it all wrong.  But I love it.  I love taking my camera out and just seeing what beauty or fun or interestingness that I can find in the world.

I thought perhaps I could start a photoblog to share my photographs with everyone.  This requires almost no effort on my part…simply log in a few times a week and upload a photo.  I think I can do that.  And maybe one day I’ll get back to my regularly scheduled blogging.

Until then, please enjoy.  If you see something you like, feel free to comment and tell me.  Likewise, if you see something that doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to comment and tell me…just be nice about it.  I appreciate constructive criticism, but not nastiness 🙂


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